If you care about the toys and games you give your kids and make sure the products they play with offer the best chance for quality know real fun with an opportunity to use their imaginations while learning a thing or two, then’ve come to the right place! At Mighty Fun, we care about the toys and games we make, striving to create products that offer the absolute best all-around play experience for kids. To that end, it’s important for you to know who we are and why we do this. So, here’s our story...

Mighty Fun was founded by a handful of friends who share two important things: extensive backgrounds in the toy industry and a passion for cool, quality children’s products, great design and the specialty toy industry. We’ve always had fun batting around ideas and talking toys over the years and in 2015, **cue the harp music**, the stars aligned as they say and we saw an opportunity where we could combine our unique skills - design, sales, manufacturing - to create and distribute a new line of exciting toys and games ourselves. Mighty Fun was launched with the goal of turning our many years of experience and expertise into the absolute coolest toys and games...EVER! Our brands and products feature amazing design so good it’ll make your head spin, awesome innovation that’ll make kids say “wow”, with maximum play value that’ll have both kids and parents feeling happy and smiling ear to ear! At the end of the day, we feel like we genuinely know what makes for a great toy or game and we’re confident as you get to know Mighty Fun and our line of products, you’ll see what we mean.

Mighty Fun Toys and Games are designed to inspire and celebrate the genuine childhood experience. It is our goal to promote the development of active, healthy and mentally engaged children through offering authentic products with age appropriate imagery that deliver outstanding performance.

You know when you buy a toy or game made by us, you can’s Mighty Fun!